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Grilled Noix de Saint Jacques,

Champagne and leek sabayon, Caviar d’aquitaine and Shiso


Heirloom tomato tartare and burrata

          White balsamic dressing, avocado cream, chive espuma and risoni

Augus Beef eye filet, trufle emulsion

Vegtable wok, roasted baby potatoes and green asparagus


Raw sea bass filet, green virgin sauce

Sweet potatoes émulsion , roasted cherry tomatoes and black sesame

Dark chocolate and salted caramel lava cake,

Bourbon vanilla ice cream and crème anglaise.

Coffee, tea and macarons

Hawaian tuna poke
Avocado, seaweed, macadamia nuts, sesame seeds, red quinoa, pineapple, ginger, poke dressing.

Watermelon feta and heirloom tomato salad
basil, mint and extra virgin olive oil dressing

Organic chicken skewers
lemon and turmeric Greek yogurt sauce, mash potatoes and truffles  – Roquette, balsamic dressing and pumpkin seeds

Local artisan cheese and summer fruit platter


Black truffle, green zebra tomato,
Extra virgin olive oil, and fresh basil


Seared sea scallops
Saffron & zucchini Risotto
Roasted bell pepper coulis and candied lemon zest


Sliced beed tenderloin
Aged Port wine reduction
Black truffle mashed potatoes and seasonal baby vegetables


Dark chocolate lava cake
Raspberry sorbet and Madagascar vanilla crème anglaise

Chicken and mushroom “Vol au Vent”
Mornay Sauce, roquette salad and demis glaze dressing


Warm goat cheese medallion
Thyme honey, roasted pears, nuts and mesclun salad

Traditional beef Bourguignon
Mash potatoes with artisanal butter, braised vegetables


Sous vide salmon filet
Champagne and leak sabayon
Vegetable wok, lobster and safron risotto

Crème brulée
Bourbon vanilla and Iranian pistachio

Coffee, tea and macarons

Mini lobster rolls, saffron mayo

Scottish smoked salmon on a blinis, Greek Tzatziki

Sweet potatoes velouté, truffle oil and roasted sesame

Eggplant caviar and Amazon rainforest sweet mini pepper tartelette

Cherry tomatoes and bocconcini skewers, pesto verde

Mini burgers of preserve duck, walnuts mustard

Tigers praws, mild garlic and teriyaki emulsion

Croque monsieur bites

Tuna tataki, black sesame and virgin sauce

Little NYC hot dog

Iceland smoked salmon on a blinis, chive and wasabi chantilly

Smoked duck breast wraps, Sichuan pepper and cream cheese

Goat cheese, preserve black cherry, roasted sesame and gingerbread lollypop

Foie gras and caramelized green apple mini crème brulée

Cherry tomato and piquillos little tarte Tatin

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